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Fans of Midday Connection

Are you a fan of Midday Connection? Me too! I am not at all affiliated with Moody Broadcasting or this program - I'm just a fan who wants to share with other fans!

So if you listen to the show - I listen on the radio or on podcast myself - and you post about something that you heard you should be a part of my Midday Connection Fan Club!

Midday Connection does a great job of sharing on Facebook and Twitter and giving listeners an opportunity to share there as well. What I want to do is just create something here where bloggers can link together and let other fans know about their posts related to Midday Connection.

There is no certain day or time to post or anything like that just send me an e-mail and let me know about your blog so that I can link to it here. Please have 1 post or more published about something you heard on Midday Connection so that I can read it before I put the link here. I will also be checking pages to make sure they are family friendly, not stealing images and things like that before I will link to that blog.

The image of a sunset I'm using for the badge is 1 of tons of photographs my husband and I took of sunsets on our honeymoon :)  Please link the image to this page so that others can find out what we're all about!